Preparing with a will

On Monday 20th April Coutts Solicitors & Conveyancers hosted a Webinar with our friends Gerald (Kenneally's Funerals) and Rod (Atlas Financial Services). The topic is one that most Australians find confronting and difficult to think about.  "Your survival guide to death", addresses what you can do to protect your family from financial disaster if you were to suddenly pass away, by making a Will, taking out life insurance and pre paying your funeral. This is particularly relevant if you are the major income earner for your family.  Australians seem to have a very laid back attitude toward life insurance, this is reflected in statistics shown in the video. Maybe its the Australian culture to think death is a rare thing or the"it wont happen to me attitude". While everyone hopes they will be untouched by the Grim Reaper until old age, the reality is that death does not discriminate. We are all mortal and can become ill or suffer a fatal accident at any time of our lives. While we cannot live everyday of our lives in fear, being sensible and preparing with a small amount of effort and money now, can protect your family members from having to deal with a financial disaster as well as the grief of losing you, if your family were to end up in this situation. The three experts in this video will walk you through the process of preparing for a death with valuable information on Wills, pre paid funerals and life insurance. Everything you need to protect your family from financial stress.