Inside Coutts: There's no Vegemite in this one's travel tote

We may be your Solicitors and Conveyancers, but the Coutts team are just like you. When we’re not working hard, we’re out and about in the world, just living. You know how it is?

We’re taking a page out of our little purple book and sharing it with you. Let’s get to know Melina Costantino, Coutts Campbelltown Licensed Conveyancer.

Melina Costantino
Melina Costantino

When you’re not at work, what are you most likely to be up to? Probably shopping. For me shopping is a past time, a hobby. I really enjoy it and find myself with such a passion for fashion. Clothes, shoes and handbags. I joke that the motto that best represents me is ‘table for three – you, me and my handbag’ but who am I kidding, it really does.

What is one of the most amazing experiences you have ever had? Travelling the world. I have travelled a little bit (not as much as I would’ve liked – but there is still time). I have had the most incredible experiences from snorkeling in the north shores of Hawaii too riding in a Gondola in Venice too exploring the Hollywood                                                                walk of fame.

What is one item you can’t go a day without? Nutella. I cannot go a day without eating Nutella, usually on toast. Sometimes I will even eat Nutella on toast three times a day! - and never less than once.

What is something a bit cool or unique that has happened to you? I celebrated my birthday twice in one year… I was in Australia on 5 June and celebrated my birthday and then flew to Hawaii that same day. Landed in Hawaii on 4 June and so then celebrated my birthday again the next day when it was 5 June in Hawaii – thank you international date line!

 World Nutella Day

Thinking about buying or selling property? Contact our Nutella loving Melina in our Campbelltown office today on 1300 268 887.