In this podcast Paul Ryan from simplyaskit talks to Carina Novek, Property Law Manager at Coutts about the important role conveyancers plays when people are buying and selling of property.

Purchasing a property, whether residential or commercial can be stressful and daunting with the mountains of fine print paperwork. Coutts bring a friendly and professional team to the table that make it easy by assisting you with every step of the purchase process. Coutts will:

  • Arrange a initial consultation to meet with you to review the contract.
  • Conduct a professional and thorough investigation through your contract.
  • Negotiate terms, organise reports and provide assistance with mortgage documents.

Whether this is your first time selling, or you are an experienced real estate investor, Coutts can assist you with the sale of any residential or commercial property. Coutts will:

  • Draw up a legal contract of sale.
  • Negotiate the terms of the contract on your behalf.
  • Arrange for a discharge of any applicable mortgage.

A lease is one of the most important documents that you will sign, either as a landlord or a tenant. With a lease comes a long term obligation open to personal liability. When making such a commitment, it is important to have a lawyer on your side to review and negotiate before you sign. Coutts efficiently handles all aspects of the commercial landlord/tenant relationship including:

  • Drafting, negotiating and documenting all types of leases.
  • Working with the landlord and property managers to increase the effectiveness of procedures.
  • Litigating breach of lease and other contract claims in court.
  • Preparation and negotiations of lease agreements and licence agreements for retail premises.
  • Assistance for both landlords and tenants of retail leases to facilitate dispute resolution and mediation on leasing issues.

Commercial & industrial leases require special attention to the terms of the lease because of the high risk of liability and problems with damage, repairs and tenant issues. Coutts provides assistance with commercial property leases including business offices, factory floors, warehouses, showrooms, storage buildings, bulky goods, and workshops.

From a commercial property development to a dispute over defective workmanship, property law is the foundation for many legal problems. Property law is often one of the most complicated and frustrating legal issues for clients because it is often tied to other issues. For example, what started out as a breach of contract turns into a property dispute.  What began as a partnership dispute or business sale is now a matter of property law.

Our experienced property law and litigation team can advise you on all the options and implications of your property dispute in both state and federal jurisdictions.