Real Property Regulation Changes

Here is some friendly advice from one of our trusted Conveyancers Melina; "The practical impacts to Solicitors and Conveyancers, as a result of the commencement of the Real Property Regulation, which came into affect on 1 September 2014…

When making alterations to any dealing (e.g. Transfer, Mortgage) you must:

1. Initial the alteration; 2. Write your name in the margin; and 3. Write the date in the margin

In addition to this, if the person making the alteration is not a party to the transaction, (i.e. the person making the alteration is the Solicitor or Conveyancer for the parties to the dealing) you also need to:

4. Sign your full signature; and 5. Write ‘I am authorised to make the alteration’."

This information is not available from the Land and Property Information website to download but came into affect on 1 September 2014. The detrimental affects, if people are unaware and therefore not doing it (i.e. these steps have not been followed when altering a Transfer.... matter goes to settlement > settlement falls over because LPI/bank won’t accept transfer)"

If you would like further information regarding this or any other conveyancing advice please contact Melina from Coutts Solicitors and Conveyancing at Narellan on (02) 46 477577.