The benefits of Community Title

There is a perceived view in society that community title is not worth the additional money spent in annual levies. But do you actually know what is included in the community levies and do you know how they benefit you as a home owner.

General benefits within the Community Title estate

General items you will receive the benefit of in a Community Title estate:

  • Shared ownership over common facilities
  • You will have the enjoyment of better services and facilities
  • You will have a greater level of input into management and maintenance over the services and facilities
  • Building and Landscaping Standards are enforced to ensure the appearance of the estate is maintained over time which adds value to your property
  • Insurance coverage for community lots and facilities

Benefits of specific facilities within the Community Title estate:

Depending on the estate you purchase your property in you may receive the benefit of using some or all of the below facilities:

  • Membership to a Country Club which may include a gym, swimming pool and tennis courts
  • Security patrols and/or back-to-base alarm monitoring
  • Maintenance over community land
  • Bike and walking trails
  • Community events and activities
  • Provision of surrounding land uses that enhance the image of the estate, such as vineyards; and
  • Provision of privately managed services such as sewerage systems, recycled water systems and stormwater.


So when looking to buy property that may include community title,  don’t be scared off by the levies, get the right information and  make sure you get the right advice on the benefits of the community title, you may be surprised how those benefits can outweigh the annual levy.

Local community title estate include:

  • Bingara Gorge, Wilton 
  • Harrington Grove, Narellan 
  • The Lanes, Kirkham 
  • Theresa Green Estate, Theresa Park
  • Nangarin Estate, Picton